Age criteria:Entry Age: 18 years to 65 years
Maturity Age: 23 years to 75 years
Policy Term:Minimum - 5 years
Maximum - Up to 40 years or "75 years - Age at Entry"
Basic Sum Assured amount:Minimum - Rs 25, 00,000
Maximum - Subject to Underwriting
Premium:Minimum - This will be determined as per the plan option, pay-out option, age, gender, smoking status, policy term, premium payment mode, premium payment frequency and Basic Sum Assured that has been chosen and opted for the policy.
Maximum - There is no limit but it will be subjected to underwriting consideration.
Kindly Note: The preferred rates will only be applicable for females and non-smokers.
Premium Payment Term:Regular Pay: This will be equal to the policy term.
Limited Pay: This is divided into 4 parts i.e. 5 / 7 / 10/ 15 p.a
Single Pay: This will be a single payment.
Premium Payment Option:There are 3 payment options namely:
Regular, Limited & Single Pay.
Premium Payment Mode:There are 4 premium payment modes namely:
Yearly, Half- Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly.
Modal Factor (% of annual premium):The following modal loading will be used to calculate the installment Premium:
Yearly - 100% | Half yearly - 51% | Quarterly - 26% | Monthly - 8.8%.