Home Loan

Owning a Home is now just one click away

Staying in a house is a dream for everyone.

It is now possible to purchase a house with just one click. The loan is intended for those people who want to build a dream home or purchase an existing property.

Indian banks offer housing loans under different categories, these include:-

Purchase Loan: These types of basic loans are available for purchasing a home.

Construction Loan: Banks provide this type of loan for the development of a home.

Extension Loan: One can get the loan for expanding or extending his existing home. Home Improvement Loans: People can avail of those loans If the existing homes need repairs and renovations.

Home Improvement Loan: People can apply for a home loan if required to implement repair works and home renovations.

Bridge Loan: This loan is best for people who want to sell their house, but would like to buy a new home.

Balance Transfer Loan: This type of loan offers to pay off an existing home equity credit and to take advantage of a lower interest rate loan.

Home Conversion Loan: These loans are usually given to people who have already purchased a home and to those who intend to sell it and move on to a new home.

The existing home loan will be transferred to the newly purchased home in this type of loan, thereby including the extra repayment amount.

Land Purchase Loan: One can avail of those loans for purchasing land. The bank will issue the loan on faith whether the borrower is going to develop a home or use it for some other purpose.

Refinance Loans: This type of loan helps people who took out loans to get their homes from friends or family repay that debt amount.

Stamp Duty Loan: Stamp tax is necessary to purchase a property, and this type of loan helps people with it.

In India, banks offer housing loans with fixed or floating interest rates. A fixed-rate housing loan has a fixed rate of interest for the entire loan amount.

A term housing loan EMI depends on the Loan amount, therefore the repayment period one takes.

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